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l’Aube (the Dawn)
We will be at the Short Film Corner in Cannes


After having served a sentence of thirty years of prison for a double murder, a man is kidnapped and isolated. Chained up in a secluded barn between fields and forests, he starts to lead a life which slowly annihilates his resistance.


"The human being has a mysterious capacity to become attached to the most mundane of objects in his life. Even to things which torture him, purely because they are part of the modest d├ęcor of his day to day life, simply because they have become familiar; this preoccupies my mind for hours. No doubt, this will persist throughout the course of our whole lives. I have meditated at length on what this reality reveals about the human condition, and even today, it does not cease to amaze me."

François BIZOT - The Portal
Ed. La Table Ronde 2000 - page 83
(french edition)

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