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L’Aube is a film d’auteur which has been created by a small team, united on the one hand due to their skill and on the other by their ambition to create a piece of art.



Camera Operator

Composition originale de DIANA BALOGH



Jean-Philippe PERNOT - Director and Photographer
Jean-Philippe PERNOT Look at the interview in the press release
Benjamin FEITELSON - Comédien principal

The French-British actor, Benjamin Feitelson was trained at the Conservatoire National superieur d’Art Dramatique in paris and with Jack Waltzer(of the actors studio) Bilingual, his career evolved between France and Great Britain. This was complemented by his training and experience in classical theatre, cinema and television. For numerous years, Benjamin Feitelson has also been focusing upon "the cinema d'auteur" at the request of numerous directors including Jean-Louis Daniel, The Skin Territory Trilogy, Lorenzo Recio, Lisa and now for Jean-Philippe Pernot for his film l’Aube ( Dawn).

These experiences have given him new opportunities to explore new ways of expressing his talent. Over the last few years, he has continued to work for movies, television and theater, whilst still focusing upon the cinema d'auteur. These diverse mediums have enabled him to affine the accuracy of his aims and in creating characters of a great diversity.
This visual control associated with a maturity which comes naturally to him, give him the means to embody characters with complex psychologies. This is particularly tangible in the latest film d`auteur which he worked on; "L`Aube", where the main character evolves and changes radically throughout the course of the narration

He was nominated best actor n the Lutins du court metrage in 2009 for Lisa by Lorenzo Recio (who received amongst other awards, the press award at Clermont-Ferrand in 2008), Benjamin Feitelson also appeared in Guy Ritchie`s film Revolver, then in Roger Delattre` Le Missionnaire (which was released on the 29th of April 2009). He has also been in Conversation avec mon pere (m.e.s de Marcel Bluwal, with Claude Brasseur) and also in John Brinkley`s Presidential Suite, in which he played D.S.K. at the 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and was widely praised by the press.

Marco SCHIEVENNIN - Photographer

In 1998 he joined the University Ca Foscari in Venice (Conservation of Cultural Heritage).
In 2004 he graduated with a degree in photography from the Visual Arts Department, from the European Institute of Design in Milan.

After a few years as an assistant photographer, Marco quickly realizes that photographic documentaries allow him to express himself and to tell a story.
From 2005, he then works as a freelance photographer for the Italian press.

He moves to Paris in 2008 and discovers a new medium for expressing himself. He had become conscious that representing light in a photo had its limitations, that is to say he could not adequately express his emotions, however through the medium of `cinema’ he could..
He then becomes a Photo Director in different productions.

Thomas KIMMERLIN - Photographer - Film director

Thanks to his grandfather, who was in charge of installing projector booths in cinemas, Thomas remembers the imposing size of the projectors, the metallic noise of the coils, the velvety darkness of the booths and watching the beam of light penetrating through the dark.
Technology and magic. Today, his work on images expresses itself around the notion of animism, the search of the spirit of people and things, the living and the inanimate. His encounter with Japan in 2004 and the resulting fifteen journeys, reassured him of his project, consequently, aiding him to focus himself, dedicating himself spiritually to his photographic and audiovisual project. His meeting with Jean-Philippe Pernot in 1999 took place naturally encompassing the following key words: technology, alchemy, humanism. L’Aube, his first filmed Feature Film is a defining step in this animist project.

- " Seeing Double in Tokyo ", 2nd France + Singapore New Generation Artists, Société Générale Private Banking, Alliance Française, Singapore (2010)
- " I hate London ", Galerie Vertikall, Lille (2010)
- " Tokyo – Istanbul : Univers Parallèles ", Bar Parallèle, Lille (2008)

Le Monde, Libération, Le Figaro Magazine, France Magazine, La Découverte/Gallimard, Opus Délit.

- Bali, Not for Sale (en cours)
- Jef Aérosol " Chuuuttt !!! " (2011)

Dian BALOGH - Pianist - Composer - Accompaniment

A pianist of Hungarian origin, Diana began her classical music training at the age of 6 in the
Conservatoire National de Région de Versailles along with Francis Vidil, the renowned pianist and improviser. Having grown up engulfed in a classical and traditional musical environment since her very early years, Diana composed at the age of 13 some oeuvres for a television series called Itinéraire d’un gourmet (Itinerary for an epicure).
She then goes on to the Conservatoire National de Région de Grenoble, where she receives her Musical degree and gives several concerts annually for various associations in Grenoble.

2012 Musical writing of the film " L’Aube " de Jean-Philippe Pernot
2006 Eglise Saint Symphorien (Versailles) : interprétation de " Gavotte " de Diana Balogh par l’Orchestre du Conservatoire de Versailles dirigé par Christophe Junivart
2005 Concert au Théâtre Montanssier  Interprétation du morceau " Confiance " de Diana
Balogh par l’Orchestre du Conservatoire de Versailles dirigé par Christophe Junivart
2000-2001 Composition pour 26 épisodes de la série " Itinéraire d’un Gourmet "

Romano BALOGH - Violonist - Composer - Conductor
Romano BALOGH With his Hungarian accent, his deceptively casual gestures, his intense view upon which there sometimes flutters a wry smile, he willingly takes you on a journey through his life.
One soon adopts his rhythm.
“My heart is a violin” he states, as if partly trying to excuse himself for this confession.
His famous “gift” revealed itself one day in his family home in Budapest. In the 50s his father, a cimbalom (a type of chordophone) virtuoso, is astounded to discover his child playing instinctively the essence of Central European masterpieces. His destiny is thus laid out: fifteen years in the ‘Conservatoire National’ where he develops an incomparable skill and faces the biggest oeuvres. However, the sound which is uttered from his instrument, has a more sensual origin: “It was my mother who gave me the spirit and feeling of melody. She sang remarkable Hungarian folklore, and was naïve to her gift of her enchanting voice.”
This prince of Slavic music, such a perfectionist, has never ceased to cherish the classics: “I love the romantics and I regularly play Wieniawski, Tchaikovski, Dvorak, Mendelsohn ...”
The Yvelines became his adoptive land. He liked finding his friends in the Saint-Louis quarter in Versailles and dotes tenderly upon his two girls, who both play the piano in the Conservatoire de Versailles in Francis Vidil’s class. This then leads to their encounter and from hence, a profound friendship between the two artists is born.
Cécile CHAGNAUD - Editer / Producer

The appeal of the cinema to me stems from it being as “Silent as dreams” and that the work which goes into producing sound in the cinema can seem paradoxical.
I particularly like films which reveal things as opposed to showing things. Films without dialogue, without speeches, films which are sometimes called “experimental” because their meaning is not lost to the senses.
A cinema which favours the senses as opposed to the spirit, freed from the descriptive limitations or references, where the editing of the images and the sound impose themselves as gospel. Where poetry dominates the narration.

After studying ethnology and documentary studies at the EPHE (la Sorbonne) (Annie Comolli, Jean Rouch) and a film editing formation at the FEMIS, I show documentaries, artists’ films, fictions, and after some training in the IRCAM, I also specialise in the production/editing of feature films (Chantal Akerman, Philippe Collin, Pavel Lounguine, Keren Yehada, Henri-François Imbert, Dominique Cabrera, Laurent Cantet, Philippe Faucon, Jean-Xavier Delestrade, Marcel Ophuls…)
I bring images and sounds from numerous solo journeys, Sinai, Mongolia, Algeria, Japan, Colombia, Islande, Siberia… and I created a short film in 35mm - La petite valise (the little suitcase)- (Prix du publique, Cannes Junior, Les Mureaux) some journals shot with a Super 8, some ‘experimental videos’, and a photo expo (Gallery E3, Arles, Fr).
I also compose some sound tracks and some acoustic music which is often played live in Penelope Hausserman shows or for Juline Fournier’s catwalks.


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